Pink slime has become a recent buzz word in the media. Pink slime is the process through which scrap meat and connective tissue are cleaned and clarified to create ground meat safe for humans to eat. Attention was drawn to this issue by an episode of “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.”

The process of creating pink slime is grinding scrap meat and connective tissue from parts of the animal most people do not eat. The connective tissue acts to firm the meat up. As the meat is being ground, a mixture of water and ammonia is added to the meat connective tissue mixture; this is done to help ensure the meat lasts longer by preventing E. coli or salmonella. The company that creates this product is called Beef Products, Inc. They are responsible for providing McDonald’s and other companies with their meat products.

Nomophobia is described as the condition of being tense and/or anxious when not having access to a mobile phone. The condition is also known as no-mobile-phone-phobia. Recent research conducted by an Internet security firm has indicated that this condition of the digital age is growing at a rapid rate.

Most people at some point in their lives lost someone they love. Whether it be a family member, friend or pet, the loss of a loved one can be devastating. We go through the stages of grief in our own ways, and some have a harder time dealing with loss than others. Different deaths will affect us in various ways; a loss of a second cousin won’t generally compare with the loss of a spouse. Bereavement is entirely personal and, unless the individual means harm to themselves or others, the process should be largely respected.

MicroCHIPS is a company that hopes that their flash-drive sized microchips could be the way of the future for doctors looking for a better way to treat their patients. In a study published in early February, MicroCHIPS released their findings on a new study involving women with osteoporosis.